The brain is a crucial part of our body that controls all our body parts. It controls all our actions like throwing a ball, playing guitar, walking, eating, etc. If there is any problem in our brain, it can directly impact the functioning of other body parts. So, it is essential to keep our brain healthy. Let’s discuss some tips that help us to make our brain sharp and healthy.

1. Sleep

Sleep is very important for good mental health. Our brain needs a sleep of 7 to 9 hours to detox itself or to recharge itself. When we sleep our brain releases beta-amyloid protein and if they get accumulated in our brain at large quantities, then this may lead to memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease. When we sleep, our brain, drain out these proteins from our brain. So, Sleep is very important for the brain.

But these days, many people are losing their sleep, some sleep for 4hrs or some for 5hrs or even some do not sleep for 2 days. But this is not good for long term mental health. So, Sleep is very necessary.

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How to deal with this?

·       Keep all your digital gadgets like mobile phones, laptops away half an hour before you sleep.

·       Do not take tea or coffee before sleeping

·       Leave all your tensions as stress is a prominent reason for poor sleep

Tip:- Pen down all stress in a Dairy before you sleep. The reason behind this is that it will get feed in your subconscious mind that you have written all your stress and will work on this tomorrow. In this way, you’ll get relax and sleep properly.

2. Exercise

Exercise is necessary for good mental health as this increases blood circulation in the brain. Exercise of legs like jogging, running, jumping, etc is most important. So, Exercise according to your age and that you can do without any pain. With these exercises blood circulation in our body and brain increase due to which our brain activities also increase. So, Exercise is crucial to keep our brain healthy.

3. Meditation

Do mediation daily either for 5 minutes or for sometimes as it increases concentration power and memory of the brain. You can do meditation either by offering prayers or by concentrating on certain things. Meditation is very necessary.

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4. Diet

It has been observed that brain activities of people having a poor diet i.e. eat more junk get deceased with the time than people having a healthy diet. It is the same as BMI( Body- Mass Index). It has been seen that people having a BMI of less than 25 are less prone to strokes or other heart and brain diseases. So, it is very necessary to maintain BMI, Diet, and Weight. So, avoid junk food. Nutrition important for the brain is Omega-3 Fatty acids and many people these days are Omega-3 deficient as it is present in very fewer food items. Omega-3 is present in flax seeds, Chia seeds, mustard oil, fish, dry fruits, etc. So, take a good diet to make your brain healthy.

5. Heart

If you protect your heart, your brain will also get protected because if there is a problem in your heart e.g. High Blood pressure, cholesterol level, sugar or any heart disease, it will directly impact our brain as blood is circulated from heart to brain. So, it’s necessary to protect your heart, to control your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc.

6. Mind Diet

Mind diet is the combination of the Dash diet and Mediterranean diet that stresses on Berries and leafy vegetables. This improves mental health. Also, Dark chocolate, coffee, and caffeine are good for sound mental health. So, it is good to take 1 or 2 cups of tea or coffee in a day. But don’t take in large quantities as it may be harmful.

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7. Be Social

You should be socially active. Interact with as many people as you can, whether at your workplace or any other event. If you don’t interact or be introvert, then this can decrease your confidence. So, confidently talk to anyone on any topic freely and enhance your confidence. This will make you feel relax.

8. Intellectual Challenge (Try new things)

Challenging yourself intellectually is the next important thing. In this, most important is to try new things i.e. whether you try a new thing or do the same with a new way or do it fast. So, every day do the new things so that your intellect i.e. thought process or problem-solving skills will get improve. This makes your brain active.

9. Balance of Salt and water

Balance of salt and water is also important as our brain may also get dehydrated due to the shortage of salt. So, take salt in an adequate amount and drink water properly.


To make Brain healthy and sharp, it is necessary to have a good diet, sleep and do exercise.

~ Stay happy, Eat Healthy, Wear Good and Be Social ~

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