Blogging is one of the best methods to earn money online. It can become a good source of income through which you can manage all your expenses. But can blogging become a better career option? To get the answer, you should know what blogging is?

So, today we will discuss everything about Blogging and how you can earn a good amount of money?

What is blogging?

Whenever you search on the internet for fetching any information, you type certain words on Google, these words are called Keywords. When you type these keywords in Google’s search engine, it shows you many results of websites in a fraction of seconds and when you visit these sites, you get information related to the keywords that you have typed. Here the question is who put this information or websites and where they reside.

Google adds these websites in its dictionary. You type a keyword, Google search for the websites containing related information and show them. The people who upload the information are called Blogger and the site that contains information is called Blog.

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Difference between Blog and Websites

There is a very small difference between a Blog and a Website. A Website is a beautiful Static Page that is updated occasionally while a Blog is like a Digital Diary which is updated daily and the new updates will be shown at the top of Blog.

How Google Search a Blog?

When you update your blog daily and add new information as per people’s requirement, Google checks all the keywords present in your Blog through its mechanism called Search Bot that look into your blogs and searches for the keyword that user type. If it finds that keywords in your Blog, then Google list that Blog into its search Engine and when anyone type that keyword in Google Search Bar, then this page will display and that person will come to your site.

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How to earn from Blogs?

Advertisements are the main source from which earning can be done. About 99% earnings of Google are from Advertisements. Google earns money by showing advertisements on its various platforms like YouTube, blogs, Websites or mobile applications. When you create a Blog, you are linked with Google though its program named “Ad Sense”. Google asks you to show its advertisements on your blog and it will give you a commission for the customers that it get through your blog. So, this is the deal between Google and Bloggers. Ad Sense and Google has the responsibility to show this advertisement in your Blog. Google takes the advertisements from the advertiser and displays them on your blog.

All you need to do is to generate traffic for your Blog. Here Traffic means the number of people visiting your sites.

When a person visited your site, click on an advertisement, then from the cost of that click, some shares you receive and some Google. The Cost of the Click is decided by advertisers.

E.g. A Mobile Company launches a new Mobile and gives some money to Google for its advertisement. Suppose the company said if any person in its advertisement, then it will pay ₹2 per Click.

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This means if a person clicks on the advertisement, then ₹2 will be received by Google and from this some shares you will get and some share Google will get. In this way, revenue gets shared. Revenue depends upon the number of clicks on the page. Therefore, if the number of clicks increased, then automatically revenue will also increase and the number of Clicks will increase when many readers visit your blog. The numbers of readers depend upon the quality of the content you post. This means when you post quality or informative content or post the content read by many readers, then more readers will visit the Blog that will increase the number of clicks and ultimately your Revenue gets Increase.

Patience is a Big key

Blogging is a time-consuming process. You need to be patient while doing blogging. You can’t start earning a good amount from blogs at the beginning, it takes some time. You just need proper guidance for this.

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