Olive is one of the best oil in the world and you can use it in cooking, dressing, baking and salad topping. You can use olive oil in almost everything. Olive oil is made with olives. In Hindi, olive oil is known as “Jatoon Ka tail”.

Types of Olive Oil

There are two different types of Olive oil i.e. pure olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Let’s discuss this in detail.

·       Pure Olive Oil

Pure olive oil has a light color and is clear. With pure olive oil, you can do the cooking, frying, baking, etc. If you cook on heat then use pure olive oil because it is made for cooking and you can cook it at a certain amount of heat. So, any food or vegetable you want to cook then use pure olive oil. Therefore, it is cooking oil.

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·       Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is dark in color. Don’t heat the extra virgin olive oil as it is not made to heat and also this not for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil is for topping and salad dressing. Anything you make at home just Add one spoon of extra virgin olive oil on it. So, any food which is already cooked you can add extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, it is dressing oil.

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Therefore, both types of olive oil are different, it depends where you want to use. Get either pure olive oil or extra virgin olive oil. Some people prefer extra virgin oil because they do not need to cook.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Let’s discuss the benefits of olive oil and what is the difference between olive oil with other oils?

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·       Good Source of Cholesterol

You know olive oil is a good source of cholesterol. It helps to reduce the bad cholesterol which comes from bad fat. All bad oil, cheap oil, refined oil are the bad sources of cholesterol that increase your cholesterol. Do you know what cholesterol is? People who have heart problem they have cholesterol. In our heart, arteries where blood passes, get blocked because of cholesterol i.e. heart vessels get blocked because of bad oil and bad fat. Olive oil helps to open the arteries, so it’s a good source of cholesterol. 1-2 spoons of olive oil daily in your diet helps to open the arteries of people who have cholesterol because you know if the arteries get blocked then the heart won’t be able to pump the blood and there are high chances of a heart attack. That’s why to reduce cholesterol; olive oil should be a part of your diet.

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Olive oil is very important for your health and your family’s health. It has monounsaturated fat which is a heart-healthy fat and is very important. If you are using Desi Ghee (clarified butter), refined oil or any cheap oil or non-branded oil, then you are making your health and your family health worst because that oil blocks your arteries that give blood supply to the heart and if your heart didn’t pump the blood then you get Heart Attack.

Also, Doctors recommend that add olive oil in your diet so that your blood vessels arteries open up and your heart stays healthy. So, this is the only way where you keep your heart healthy. Therefore, Olive oil must have in your diet. You can take 1-2 servings of olive oil at lunch or dinner. If you are cooking something then use pure olive oil and on salad, you can use extra virgin olive oil.

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§  Suggestion

Don’t cook any vegetable more than 350 or 400*F heat i.e. your stove heat should not be more than medium-high. Don’t cook any oil on high heat. Heating oil on high heat for too long converts into Trans fat which is very bad for your health. It causes cancer. So your cooking should be medium or medium-high not on high. Don’t cook the vegetables on above medium heat. Oil and vegetables will be healthy for you because overcooking burns the nutrients of vegetables and oil converted into trans fat which is the worst thing you are doing.

·       Other benefits

Add olive oil for your health and your family’s health in your diet as has tons of benefits:-

§  It reduces Diabetes.

§  It reduces the Depression.

§  It helps to lower the blood pressure as well.

So too much heart benefit for you, so many benefits of it, so add olive oil in your diet.

Things to check whether Olive oil is pure or fake

When you purchase olive oil from the market then make sure you are not buying the fake one because you know in the Indian market mostly everything is fake. It can be pure and fake as well. You have to make sure that it is fake or not. Most of the olive oils are made in Europe or are of Italian and American brands, so you should be careful because a lot of people in India sells fake one and customers don’t know which is fake or original.

So, while purchasing Olive oil should check certain things as given below:

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·       Trademark

Your Olive oil should have a trademark on which USDA approved or IOC approved is written. USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture and IOC stands for International Olive Council. If its American brand then the USDA approved will be written and if its Europe brand then IOC approved will be written. So make sure the trademark should be there.

·       Freeze it

If you already have olive oil at home and you want to check whether it is pure or not, then put olive oil in the freezer and leave it for 1 hour in the freezer and after 1 hour check it. If your oil gets freeze then its fake means not pure one if the olive oil didn’t freeze then it’s pure.  So, this is a simple trick, try it.

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Whenever you purchase should check the trademark and freeze it. These are 2 options for you make sure you check them.

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